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For every business at all lifecycle stages.

Start your Hockeystick experience with a 1:1 meeting with a fundraising expert who will answer questions, review materials and make sure you connect with the best funders.

Start your journey by booking a 15-minute video call.

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What people are saying

I was very appreciative of the support given during the Advisory session of Hockeystick. They assisted us in preparing certain channels offered to review our pitch deck to assure interest for viewers. Since the machine was started we are getting some traction and creating awareness of who we are. Hockeystick is easier to navigate for us. Great work from the Hockeystick team. Thank you!

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Colin D. Hendry
Spot EV, Founder & CEO

As a first-time founder, Hockeystick has been an integral resource for all things fundraising. We've connected with investors and programs that we may have otherwise not known about or been able to get connected with. Hockeystick brings organization and transparency into the complex process of fundraising and is an invaluable tool for founders.

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Ty Wilson
Squaremarket, Founder

How it works

Hockeystick uses artificial intelligence to accurately match businesses with funders such as lenders, venture capital, angel investors and buyers.

  1. 1. Getting Started

    Complete a business profile in less than 5 minutes. Then, book an advisory call with one of our experienced funding advisors who will help you start your Hockeystick journey.

  2. 2. Connect

    After you have onboarded you will start seeing funders you pre-qualify to match with. Learn about your funder, lender, and vendor matches. Then decide who you would like to connect with.

  3. 3. Funding

    Work with your chosen funder on a financing deal. We are still here to support you along the way.