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What do founders say about Hockeystick?

It has been a great experience working with Hockeystick. We have been introduced to many investors and we’ve already raised funding through this service.


Jessica Lunshof
Founder, Tamvoes

Our initial fundraise was from an investor that found us on Hockeystick and we're also using their grants-as-a-service. As a first-time founder, Hockeystick funding-as-a-service has been an integral resource for all things fundraising and gives invaluable investor exposure to founders


Ty Wilson
Founder, SquareMarket

I was very appreciative of the support given during the Advisory session of Hockeystick. They assisted us in preparing certain channels offered to review our pitch deck to assure interest for viewers. Since the machine was started we are getting some traction and creating awareness of who we are.
Hockeystick is easier to navigate for us. Great work from the Hockeystick team. Thank you!


Colin. D Hendry
Founder and CEO , SpotEv

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