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Are you ready to take your
dealflow to the next level?

Hockeystick Premium enables you to take control of your dealflow. Unlock unlimited access to thousands of top companies seeking capital. Search, filter, or browse for companies that fit your thesis, and get connected with a single click. Ready to get started?

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What do I get?


Unlimited connections

Take control of your dealflow. Unlock full access to our marketplace of top companies. Search and filter for founders that are actively seeking capital, and are ready to pitch. Find your next deal on Hockeystick with one click connections, easy and hassle free.

Meet our best founders

Hockeystick has already pre-screened and worked with the best companies. All are actively fundraising.


What do funders say about Hockeystick?

“Hockeystick has provided us with an incredible new source of deal flow opportunities. The quantity is unmatched from other sources, we’re excited about finding new investment opportunities through Hockeystick.”



Chris Hjelm
Partner, Connetic Ventures