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Who We are

We are entrepreneurs who are determined to fix what’s broken in private market. Bad data, high search costs, and lack of transparency to name a few. All impediments for companies to achieve Hockeystick growth.

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Raymond Luk

Founder & CEO

Raymond is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder of Hockeystick (a matchmaking system for startups and funders), Flow Ventures (a financial consultancy for startups), Year One Labs (an early-stage micro-VC fund), and others. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and removing barriers to raising capital through technology. He lives in Toronto with his wife who is a fashion entrepreneur.

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Elaine Coopersmith

VP of product

As the head of product at Hockeystick, Elaine maintains a laser focus on the company’s product strategy and creation of value for its customers and users. Elaine has over 19 years of experience in product and software development in both the digital space and enterprise business applications. In her spare time, Elaine makes it her life mission to travel and experience the world & scuba dive at the best sites possible, which allows her to fuel a creativity, curiosity, resilience mindset.

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Chris Cardinal


As Chief Technology Officer, Chris leads Hockeystick’s technology roadmap and team, including data science and machine learning. He was formerly the Vice President, Product Development at Hummingbird. Chris is passionate about building startups and he was CTO of Procarta, a business automation platform. He was also CTO at Gavel and Gown, a legal tech startup acquired by Amicus. Recently he led technology at AbacusNext. Chris is an avid sailor and can be found navigating the waterways of Lake Ontario, and beyond.