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Hockeystick Portal

Connect Hockeystick to your tech ecosystem with tools for tracking companies and investments.

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Make data your strategic asset

If you serve entrepreneurs, Angels, accelerators or VCs, Hockeystick is your platform for turning data into an indispensable tool for members. 

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Collect, protect and share data

Replace ineffective surveys with a proven system for compiling information on companies, investments and growth. Hockeystick automates the process and enhances data with our open database. Also, members own their data.

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Enhance your thought leadership

Annual reports are obsolete. Innovation happens in real time. Use Hockeystick to publish live industry statistics, dashboards, infographics and real time content. 

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Who Uses Hockeystick Portal? 


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"Switching to Hockeystick Portal feels like an upgrade from driving a classic Volkswagen Beetle kept together with duct tape to a Tesla."

- Darrell Pinto, VP, Research and Industry Advancement, CVCA


Hockeystick Portal: Powering Tech Ecosystems

Understand your ecosystem, tell your story.

Your members care about startups, innovation and investment but need better sources of data. Your organization can provide it. Integrating Hockeystick into your organization gives members access to our database. Add your own custom data and use Hockeystick to collect new data to create a unique dataset.  

Members have their own private login to access your ecosystem dataset, view interactive dashboards, and run benchmarks and analysis. You, and your members, retain full ownership and control over your data. 

  • Access to Hockeystick's Open Database and premium datasets

  • Customizable, branded dashboard for your ecosystem

  • Tools for collecting and enhancing data from your members

  • Content creation services: blog posts, infographics and social content

  • Ownership of your data


Who Is Hockeystick Portal For?

Organizations who want to leverage the power of data to drive growth, entrepreneurship, and innovation.


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Industry Associations

Venture capital, Angels, Accelerators, Entrepreneurship



Innovation programs, Funding, Open Government


Economic Develoment

Regional ecosystems for innovation, trade and investment




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