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Hockeystick is made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We have created resources to help you on your funding journey - our e-book, newsletter and online courses will help you find the funding you are looking for.


Funding weekly

This is the newsletter you’ll wish you had yesterday. Packed with insights, how-to’s, and funding opportunities. It’s sure to elevate your funding knowledge.


Pitching a Leap of Faith

Give yourself the building blocks to craft a high impact pitch deck. Whether you are refining your pitch or starting from scratch, this eBook is an actionable and unforgettable read.

Online courses

Hockeystick U

This on-demand course hosts 8 lessons with dozens of actionable take-aways that will inspire you to improve your pitch deck and story from day 1.

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Funding Weekly Newsletter

Join hundreds of entrepreneurs who get the Funding Weekly newsletter. Your subscription includes a free copy of Pitching a Leap of Faith, a step-by-step guide to crafting your unique pitch. Plus, get early access to every new resource as it’s released.

Pitching a Leap of Faith

Validate your pitch deck against the methodology clearly laid out in Pitching a Leap of Faith.


You know why you should get funded. But can you tell your story in a way that investors need to hear it? Pitching a Leap of Faith dives into why it’s your job to bridge the gap between where you are now and the future that you are trying to build.


This simple and actionable ebook walks you through how to:

  • Order your slides to tell an epic story;
  • Clearly define your Problem, Solution and Product (without showing off your product!);
  • Define Market, Competition and Why Now is the time to invest;
  • Present a Business Model, Financials, and Go To Market to proof you will make money;
  • Articulate Traction and your Ask.

Peppered with hot tips, self-assessment questions and real world examples this eBook is your resource to help you perfect your pitch. 💪

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Hockeystick U

Introducing Hockeystick U, a free on-demand program of funding courses carefully crafted for entrepreneurs by funding experts.


What’s included:

  • 8 pitch lessons
  • 8 pitch-deck self-assessments
  • A community of entrepreneurs and experts

Pitching is one of the hardest challenges for entrepreneurs. Give yourself a leg up by learning from those who’ve pitched and been pitched a 1000 times over.

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