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A financial data platform for investors and lenders

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Manage your portfolio and build powerful reports with our automated tools.

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Why use Hockeystick?

See the big picture

Measure fund performance and make decisions with real data. Hockeystick gathers and organizes key financial data into visual dashboards and reports.

Save time

No more chasing companies for data. Hockeystick automates data collection and lets you send custom reminders. Data flows into interactive reports so you can replace complex, manual spreadsheets.

Get Better Data

Hockeystick provides better, more consistent data no matter what metrics you gather. We integrate with applications like Quickbooks and Salesforce so funds can utilize data that already exists.

How it works

Setup your portfolio

Use a CRM? We integrate with Salesforce, Dynamics, and Insightly.

Receive data

Data flows to you automatically via data integrations and automated company reminders.

Get insight from your data

Visualize your data, create reports and integrate with systems you already use.

Are you ready to start running your fund with data?

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