Financial Data for Private Equity Funds

Hockeystick helps investment funds capture private company data and measure portfolio performance.

Why Use Hockeystick?

Dread chasing CEOs and CFOs for quarterly financials? Wasting time trying to collate data? Or have you given up getting data altogether?

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Get Better Data

Replace spreadsheets with a platform that captures data consistently and accurately. We acquire data from many sources, including applications like Quickbooks, and we turn that into analytics.

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Save Time

Stop chasing companies for data. Replace emails and phone calls with automated reminders that have your brand, your messages and fits your schedule.

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See the Big Picture

Built-in reports, visualizations, and flexible data export options make it easy for fund managers to analyze their portfolios. Combine quarterly financial data with CRM data such as transaction information and deal documents.


We have innovated data management and reporting. Dive into our whitepaper to learn how Hockeystick has replaced traditional manual processes with next-generation automation.

How it works

Create and enhance your portfolio management experience from your browser, with minimal setup and no custom programming.


Build your portfolio in minutes. Hockeystick makes adding companies and users easy. Bulk import deal data from Salesforce, Dynamics, or Excel. Hockeystick takes care of the rest.

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Hockeystick is about making use of your data for better organization, analysis, and insight.

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Our visualization widgets are updated automatically anytime new data is found. Get all the information you need at a glance, automatically.

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Build custom reports in Web or PDF format or export your data to Excel or CSV formats.

Receive Data

Data flows into your Hockeystick account automatically and you’re notified whenever new data is published. It’s easy to add new data types over time as your needs evolve.

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Customer Stories


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