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All your funding options in-one-place, continuously. Don’t miss a beat.

The moment you start fundraising, Hockeystick has 200+ financiers waiting to be introduced to you. Reaching out to investors and lenders cold is hard. We know. We’ve been there and we believe that Canadians deserve easy access to financing. Our lending partners review 500+ Hockeystick match profiles a day. You could be one, for free.

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Available venture funds from our partners portfolios.


Introductions made on the platform.


Funder waiting to match with entrepreneurs.

What people are saying

Hockeystick.co helped me make some great connections, and the feedback from investors and other firms supporting startups has been invaluable. Through Hockeystick, I've been able to get on OPN's Skip the Line and the Ryerson University DMZ Bootcamp as well as have relationships with investors and advisory groups.

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Shawn Desouza
TimeoutIQ, Founder

“Hockeystick turns the headache and confusion of raising funds and finding startup resources into an intuitive card based system. I wish all investors were on Hockeystick, it’d make initiating relationships much easier!”

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Getaboard, Founder

How it works

Hockeystick uses artificial intelligence to accurately match businesses with funders such as lenders, venture capital, angel investors and buyers.

  1. 1. Getting Started

    Complete a business profile in less than 5 minutes. Then, book an advisory call with one of our experienced funding advisors who will help you start your Hockeystick journey.

  2. 2. Connect

    After you have onboarded you will start seeing funders you pre-qualify to match with. Learn about your funder, lender, and vendor matches. Then decide who you would like to connect with.

  3. 3. Funding

    Work with your chosen funder on a financing deal. We are still here to support you along the way.