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Startup Canada / Hockeystick Partnership Announcement

Access to funding remains one of the top barriers to helping entrepreneurs start and grow successful businesses. Lack of capital translates into a lack of competitiveness, fewer jobs and more inequality in terms of who receives funding. Today, Hockeystick and Startup Canada are proud to announce a new partnership designed to increase the amount of funding available to Canadian entrepreneurs.

Through this partnership, entrepreneurs in the Startup Canada community will have free access to Hockeystick’s AI-powered small business funding platform. Using their Hockeystick account, SMEs can find out what types of funding they are eligible for and be directly introduced to funders, including Angels, VCs and small business lenders.

Startup Canada will integrate Hockeystick into its programming, events and educational channels at both the national and local community levels. The partners will also collaborate on creating and promoting educational content to help entrepreneurs understand the fundraising process.

"Seeking funding has always been a recurring challenge for entrepreneurs starting or scaling up their business," said Kayla Isabelle, CEO of Startup Canada. "Hockeystick's platform is a tailored solution that many entrepreneurs have been waiting for. We're delighted to partner with Hockeystick and help amplify support for startups and entrepreneurs all across Canada and help them access the funding they need to succeed."

“We share a vision with Startup Canada to support, fund and scale businesses that will have huge impacts on their local communities and at a national and global level,” said Raymond Luk, founder and CEO of Hockeystick. “We’ve always been impressed by how much Startup Canada does to support entrepreneurs, and this is reflected in how many businesses and communities they reach. We couldn’t have found a more aligned partner for Hockeystick.”


Click here for the Startup Canada - Hockeystick partnership page

About Startup Canada   About Hockeystick

Startup Canada is Canada’s entrepreneurship organization. Startup Canada promotes and supports the success and growth of Canada’s 3.5 million entrepreneurs, with a mandate to foster economic growth, competitiveness, and prosperity through entrepreneurship. Since launching, Startup Canada’s programming has directly supported more than 200,000 entrepreneurs and 50 grassroots Startup Community organizations. Working with over 750 ecosystem partners, including accelerators, incubators, research parks, educational institutions, economic development agencies, associations, and government programs, Startup Canada serves entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, industries, and stages of development, with a network reflective of Canada’s diverse population. Learn more at www.startupcan.ca.


Hockeystick uses technology to help entrepreneurs find the financing they need to grow their businesses. Hockeystick is the only platform in Canada that offers startups and SMEs access to a wide range of funding options, from loans to Angel investors and venture capital. Hockeystick serves businesses of all types, from early-stage companies just getting started to late-stage high-growth firms looking for capital to expand. Hockeystick has partnered with Canadian and international investors, universities, accelerators, Angel groups, FinTech companies and lenders. Find out more at www.hockeystick.co.